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  • Atc funiture machine

    Atc funiture machine

    The cabinet door is dual-purpose. For small and medium-sized cabinets and wardrobe processing plants, the output is moderate, and the processing efficiency of the equipment is not too high. This can not only improve equipment utilization, but also avoid the risk of buying equipment at high prices. And the advantage of processing the door panel by yourself is that you can control the processing quality and processing time yourself.
  • ATC wood cnc 1325

    ATC wood cnc 1325

    The Lamino machining center cutting machine is a special machine used for cutting and grooving custom-made furniture. It can get rid of the traditional manual cutting mode and rely on manual labor. It can realize intelligent production through the combination of design, disassembly and typesetting software.
  • CNC atc four process Wood router

    CNC atc four process Wood router

    Mainly used in heavy plate cutting, drilling, milling, relief and other processing, woodworking furniture, audio, solid wood doors, paint doors, sliding doors, cabinets, Buddhist tools, bamboo and wood crafts, tea trays, plastics, fixtures, wave boards, Screens, window grilles, photo frames, decoration, wood products, 3D carvings, drilling, cutting reliefs, etc.
  • 1325 four spindle with linear ATC

    1325 four spindle with linear ATC

    Cutting, slotting, punching, carving (simple modeling). The four processes can be used for both cabinet cutting and cabinet door carving. Using advanced automatic tool change program, the program automatically executes processing requirements without manual intervention. Multiple spindles work simultaneously, effectively improving processing efficiency.
  • Linear atc wood cnc router machine with  Saw blade R30

    Linear atc wood cnc router machine with Saw blade R30

    R30 series CNC driving machine: Machine applicable industry: cutting slot punch can be used for processing board type furniture moving modelling processing cabinet door closet door door soft package real wood interior door door solid wood furniture computer desk of the lacquer that bake mahjong children furniture office furniture wooden sound wooden crafts and other non-metallic materials of multistep processing and milling shape sheet (not limited).
  • Four spindle atc cnc router

    Four spindle atc cnc router

    Wood Furniture Industry: Wave Plate, fine pattern, antique furniture, wooden door, screen, craft sash, composite gates, cupboarddoors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards and so on. Advertising Industry: advertising identification, sigh making, Acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal word making, blaster molding, and other advertising materials derivatives making.
  • Three spindle wood cnc router machine

    Three spindle wood cnc router machine

    This model wood cnc machine is mainly used to wood cutting and carving. It not only can produce various flat 2d products also can produce 3d products. Because our woodworking machine can be divided into 3 axis and 4 axis machines, it can meet various production needs of customers. Three meters long heavy structure, The gantry is steel structure. So the machine is very stable when it is working. The table can bear a lot of weight, This improves not only stability but also accuracy.
  • Linear atc cnc router

    Linear atc cnc router

    Woodworking processing center is designed for high standards, high requirements, high degree of automation and high-end customers, suitable for a variety of solid wood, density board, composite board, hard plastic, artificial marble, acrylic and other materials mass processing.
  • 1325 disc tool atc cnc router

    1325 disc tool atc cnc router

    Woodworking industry: all kinds of doors, Windows, cabinets, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft fan Windows, wave plate processing and other furniture, wood processing. Advertising industry: advertising signs, signs production, advertising material cutting, plastic molding, LED neon lights production and other materials advertising decoration products.
  • Two spindle row drilling machine cnc router

    Two spindle row drilling machine cnc router

    3.6 m heavy-duty aging treatment large steel welding bed (each machine bed track part and bed part have been processed by no less than 2 million high-precision CNC milling machine, and the hole positions on the bed are drilled by high-precision data processing center, with higher machine precision). The machine adopts two original HQD air-cooling 6KW high-power automatic tool change Changsheng spindles, and the original HQD supercharged special 5 + 4 CNC row drilling package (high-speed switching, drilling does not rebound).
  • New design four spindle ATC wood cnc router

    New design four spindle ATC wood cnc router

    The process of automatic order removal, optimization, design, cutting, drilling, milling, troughing, automatic cutting and other processes of the cabinet are completed at one time. Four-process blanking machine, four-step blanking machine advantages, CNC blanking machine.
  • Economic four process R4 wood cutting machine

    Economic four process R4 wood cutting machine

    The four-process automatic cutting and opening machine is designed for customers to improve efficiency. The four heads are controlled by cylinders and can be arbitrarily switched, which can easily complete the multi-programs designed by the customer (processing workpieces requires tool changes within 2-4 tools), Which saves the tedious manual knife change in the middle and is suitable for multi-process products in the production of wooden doors, furniture and musical instruments.
  • Wood router atc

    Wood router atc

    Board furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, office furniture, custom furniture.Wardrobe cabinet put oneself in another's position of cabinet put oneself in another's position, ambry, desk, board type furniture, office furniture, wooden box, wooden kitchen utensils and appliances, three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet door, craft wooden door, wenqi door, folding screen, process window milling shape carving.