JCUT CNC router machine maintenance knowledge

The traditional problem is:

1. Engraving machine that has never been maintained: the guide rail slider is seriously corroded, the machine speed is slow, the work effect is not good, the machine life is poor, the Z axis is stuck, the diagonal error is large, and the pick angle is not good! The drive is faulty and the following error is too large! Reducer damage, mechanical failures such as slider burst!

2. Engraving machine with incorrect grease: use grease, oil, sewing machine oil and other grease. Butter viscosity is too high, which is not beneficial to the machine. Sewing machine oil viscosity is too small, and it is harmful to the astringent. The most common is the use of engine oil, which will produce sludge and adsorb dirt.

3. Long-term use of engine oil. There will be a layer of yellow sludge on the surface of the rail. You will find that the intervals for oiling the machine are getting shorter and shorter, and the demand is getting bigger and bigger.

Solution, use special lubricating oil containing graphene technology

1. Dissolve oil sludge Strongly and quickly dissolve sludge produced by oils such as motor oil butter

2. Efficient lubrication Efficiently lubricate the guide rails, sliders, screw rods, wire mother, rack, gear shaft, bearings and other components of the engraving machine

3. More protection Unique slow-release technology effectively protects metal surfaces and extends service life 4. Safer The PH value is neutral and does not contain acid or alkali components, does not corrode the guide rail, and is harmless to the human body!


1. For the new machine used for the first time: directly add the special lubricating oil into the oil pot, not to exceed two-thirds of the oil pot capacity, to avoid excessive pressure and overflow. Or use a watering can or brush every week to apply evenly on the equipment parts. Once a week or half a month.

2. For old equipment, it is recommended to clean the parts before use!

Post time: Apr-24-2020