The advantages of CNC cutting machine

CNC cutting machine, also known as intelligent plate furniture production line equipment. As the name implies, all the processes from loading, cutting, vertical hole drilling and blanking of the plate are completed in one go. It perfectly replaces manual production and processing. So, what are the significant advantages and processing techniques of the CNC blanking machine for traditional furniture manufacturing equipment? Today Jinan JCUT CNC equipment company takes the products of our factory as an example to introduce it to you in detail.

1. The CNC cutting machine can greatly improve the utilization rate of plates. The furniture design is completely completed by the computer. According to the designed furniture, the usage data of the board can be obtained directly, and then the board can be reasonably cut and processed through the optimized typesetting software. The utilization rate is extremely high, up to 95%; The cutting machine uses a milling cutter for cutting, which can turn around in any direction and cut special shapes. The traditional sliding table saw must be cut to the end, and the sheet utilization rate is extremely low. The master of the sliding table saw carries out the measurement and cutting of the tape according to the drawings.

2. The CNC cutting machine saves labor cost. The automatic panel furniture production line can be fully operated and used by one person, and if the edge banding revolving line is used, a worker can fully operate and use it from cutting to edge banding. The sliding table saw requires at least two workers to operate, at least one master is leading an apprentice, and the labor intensity is high, and the management of skilled workers is also difficult. Relative to a day’s shipments, it can’t catch up with one-third of the CNC opener.

3. The processing speed of the CNC cutting machine is far from comparable to the sliding table saw. The automatic panel furniture production line is a continuous and uninterrupted process, and CNC automatic cutting processing; while the sliding table saw needs to be pushed and stopped, and the board is moved around, which is a waste of time and labor. If adjusted improperly, the error rate is extremely high.

4. The working environment of CNC cutting machine is very good. The powerful dust suction device of the cutting machine and the rationalized machine tool structure have almost achieved dust-free cutting processing; relatively speaking, the dust of the sliding table saw is very large.

5. The CNC cutting machine adopts fool-type operation and processing, all calculated by computer, with zero failure and zero error. The operation is simple. After simple training by our technician, it can be used for operation, and it is safe and non-hazardous. The sliding table saw uses manual calculations to avoid various errors. The sliding table saw is very dangerous and slightly improper. Can cause personal injury.

All in all, whether it is from the processing cost, or the processing quality, the processing technology of the CNC cutting machine is unmatched by the sliding table saw. This is also the root of the current CNC cutting machine which is very popular with customers.

Post time: Apr-24-2020